A downloadable game for Windows

"There are things that we cannot describe invading Britain right now. We must fight them on the beaches, in our streets and in our homes before they...... arghhh". That was the last transmission of the current British Prime Minister when demons invaded 10 Downing Street.

With your trusty revolver by your side, and a whole lot of killing, you must fight against the forces of hell.  


  1. Two Levels
  2. Lots of Gun Models
  3. No leader-boards
  4. Same difficulty of game-play throughout
  5. No Steam Workshop integration


WASD to move

Left mouse button to shoot

Escape to quit or to go to next level

Link to Development Log:




Install instructions

To download the game just download the .exe file and play


Operation Bloodbath.exe 635 kB


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You only uploaded the exe so the game cannot be played at all, please upload the data and other files next to it and zip them up so its playable.

Really enjoyed the game play and the environment

I like the lore and revolver model